Maharajapuram not Maldives: Adah Sharma's jibe at B'wood's vacay frenzy

Source : IANS 2020-11-24 19:35:33

Actress Adah Sharma on Tuesday shared a sarcastic take on B-Towners thronging Maldives as their preferred holiday destination.

The actress shared a few videos on her verified Instagram account from a small village called Maharajapuram, located somewhere between Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The actress is currently shooting there.

Adah also shared a behind the scenes video from one of the shoots with a drone camera taking a video shot of her and a nearby lake.

"Maharajapuram not Maldives. Don't ask howwww we reached here ! No one has ever shot here before and I was lucky to. We went up here just for the drone shot ...up up up the mountain," Adah posted on Instagram.

The actress is currently shooting for two films simultaneously, a short film for an OTT platform and a Telugu film.