Alex Winter 'would enjoy' working in another 'Bill & Ted' film

Source : IANS 2020-12-08 12:09:32

Actor Alex Winter does not mind working on a fourth part of the hit franchise, Bill & Ted.

He reprised his popular role as Bill Preston for the first time in nearly three decades in the recent Bill & Ted Face The Music, and he revealed that he and co-star Keanu Reeves would be up for another film in the franchise, although there are no plans currently in the works, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

"We don't need to do another. We don't particularly feel there needs to be another one, but we would enjoy making another one. That's really the honest answer. There's nothing more to it," said Winter.

"We are not currently planning another one. Certainly, no one has come to us and asked us to do another one. I don't know where those chips are gonna fall. I can tell you that, if there was interest in making another one, and Keanu and I had the ability to come in and do something that would be as satisfying as what we just did, sure. We would both be interested in doing that," he added.

The film series started with the 1989 movie "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure", followed by its sequels "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey" (1991) and "Bill & Ted Face The Music" (2020).

Winter explained that Reeves and he only returned to do another film in the first place because of the "hilarious and emotional" script written by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon.