Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg takes on Cook, says Apple 'biggest competitor'

Source : IANS 2021-01-28 12:39:35

Zuckerberg has opened another front against Apple, saying that the iPhone maker and governments have the ability to access most peoples messages and its future results could be hurt by privacy changes in Apple's iOS 14.

Stressing that Apple has every incentive to use their dominant platform position to interfere with how our apps and other apps work, Zuckerberg said that the company "increasingly see Apple as one of our biggest competitors".

"iMessage is a key linchpin of their ecosystem. It comes pre-installed on every iPhone and they've preferenced it with private APIs and permissions which is why iMessage is the most used messaging service in the US.

"And now, we are also seeing Apple's business depend more and more on gaining share in apps and services against us and other developers," the Facebook CEO emphasised.

Facebook chief operating officer (COO) Sheryl Sandberg also said that the company will find ways to amplify stories about small businesses worried about Apple's iOS changes.