Sayani Gupta ditches makeup for 'Shameless'

Source : IANS 2021-02-03 19:42:35

Sayani Gupta says she does not prefer too much makeup for a role, and adds that she was glad she could ditch make-up while working in the new short film, Shameless.

The actress will be seen in the role of a delivery person in the Keith Gomes directorial, a dark comedy thriller that underlines the importance of kindness in a world reeling under hardships. The film also touches upon how people are losing human connect and becoming isolated due to social media and technology.

"The character I play in ‘Shameless' represents millions in our country who constantly toil and work tirelessly to make ends meet. I play a pizza delivery girl in a big city, who comes from a small town in India and is struggling to fend for herself and her family," Sayani said.