Mia Khalifa: How can one claim the largest protest in history is all paid actors

Source : IANS 2021-02-09 20:20:35

Lebanese-American former adult star Mia Khalifa tweeted early on Tuesday taking a dig at allegations that foreign celebrities were being paid to tweet in favour of the farmers protest in India.

"I realized it's inconceivable for us to understand how one can so vehemently claim the largest protest EVER, in HISTORY, is all paid actors, but India has over 1 BILLION PEOPLE, and we can't fathom that... (It tallies up to about the same amount of insane QAnon believers tho)," she wrote.

In response , while a section of netizens supported her, trolls and memes featuring her also made it to the comments section, taking a jibe at Mia for interfering in India's internal matter.

Mia's tweet comes a day after she questioned Priyanka Chopra Jonas' silence over the farmers' agitation in India.