Priyanka Chopra is 'a little bit more fearless' now

Source : IANS 2021-02-18 13:52:35

Priyanka Chopra Jonas says she is a little more creative and a little more fearless, and she wants to hold onto the feeling while navigating her career in India and abroad.

Over the years, the actress says, she has found a certain confidence where she wants to take chances, and not stick to what is perceived safe.

"I think I am a little bit more fearless. I don't know if that has to do with being exposed to global entertainment, but to certain confidence over the years that I have found myself where I like to take chances "Now, I am not sticking to safe. I'm not sticking to 'if this will work in this specific way'. I'm not a hamster on a wheel right now. I'm feeling creative. I'm feeling free. And feeling like I want to do so many things," she added.

The actress continued: "And for the first time, I have the ability to tell the story and I can. So I'm actually taking advantage of that. I don't know if that has to do with where I am globally or it's just me as a person after working for as many years as I have. But I'm in a creatively amazing place."

Priyanka's recent roles have included a supporting act in the Hollywood film Isn't It Romantic, starring opposite Farhan Akhtar in the Bollywood film The Sky Is Pink, playing a prop as Pinky Madam in The White Tiger, besides backing the horror story Evil Eye.