How Anuja Joshi survived shooting amid pandemic

Source : IANS 2021-03-02 21:27:19

Actress Anuja Joshi has shared how she found it tough to shoot during the pandemic for the web series "Hello Mini 2", adding that she survived the experience thanks to co-actor Mrinal Dutt.

"It was tough shooting for this season. The ongoing pandemic has made processes longer and stricter. It's hard staying away from family but I'm glad I had Mrinal by my side. He's a great friend and has been a huge support throughout the shoot of 'Hello Mini 2'," she said.

"This relationship off screen is what helped us bring depth to the characters that we portray. Danny and Rivanah (played by Mrinal and her) are loved together and what you see on screen is genuinely that comfortable. He brings a positive energy wherever he goes. He's fun, hilarious and understanding at the same time," she added.