Parineeti Chopra: I had become a little complacent, carefree

Source : IANS 2021-03-17 21:15:19

Parineeti Chopra says her recently-released OTT film The Girl On The Train, taught her a lot. She feels the film gave her "second life" as an artiste.

"I had become a little complacent and carefree and I used to do things the same way. So it (being part of the film) was so amazing, I really feel like this was my second life, almost. I really don't want to make dramatic statements, but I do feel new again and I feel like a new version of me," she said.

Parineeti also added that being part of the film was a satisfying experience for her.

"I think school was an understatement, it was like Gurukul, it was like acting ka bootcamp for me! I had to literally unlearn everything, and in the process of that I discovered what I really liked and wanted, and my work ethic and what I wanted to do. I found love for films and acting again. And I finally felt so satisfied, which I hadn't felt in so many years," she said.