Tinder conversations up by 39 per cent : COVID lockdown

Source : IANS 2020-04-11 20:32:21

Dating app Tinder has some interesting trends to reveal during the lockdown! Conversations have been up by an average of 39 per cent, but here's what interesting-- the average length of conversations is 28 per cent longer, it revealed.

The app also made 'Tinder Passport' feature, which is typically paid for, free - meaning that members can match and chat with Tinder members in a destination of choice. Before this, users could match only in the geographic region they were in. India has seen a 25 per cent increase in the rate of Passporting to other parts of the world, Germany recorded a 19 per cent increase, France, 20 per cent and Brazil, 15 per cent, Tinder said.

"Stay home, be safe, social distancing, �how are you', wash your hands and face emojis are seen being used in personal bios. There is no precedence for this period, and the increase in both conversation length and Passport usage even before it was available for all users, only validated our belief that in challenging times, the community is finding ways to form new connections and discover new social discovery rhythms," Taru Kapoor, GM, India - Tinder and Match Group told IANSlife.

In this unprecedented time, people are feeling a potent mix of anxiety, lonely and uncertainty. The mix of self-isolation and work-from-home means we're missing out on the everyday exchanges that make us human. And even though we're socially distancing, this hasn't meant disconnecting for Tinder members.

Globally more members are swiping right on someone new, having more conversations overall, and those conversations are lasting longer. Daily conversations have been up an average of 20 per cent around the world, and the average length of the conversations is 25 per cent longer.