Ethan Hawke: Covered everything in life as an actor

Source : IANS 2021-01-11 11:42:14

Hollywood star Ethan Hawke feels actors are storytellers, and people who celebrate writing.

"I covered everything in this life as an actor. Actors are storytellers. We are people who celebrate writing,".

"When I came across (author) James McBride's work ('The Good Lord Bird'), I just thought it was a massive accomplishment. This country (the US) is scared to death to look at its past. And he lets us take a look backwards. It is a very healing look. It's not there to agitate you or enrage you. It's working to heal and it heals with humour. It is so funny, so irreverent, and I just wanted to share it with people. That's my job in a lot of ways as a producer and actor. We are connected because it's all about sharing stories," he added.