Milla Jovovich: There has been improvement since I started making action films

Source : IANS 2021-01-29 15:11:35

Milla Jovovich has crafted her position as one of the biggest female action stars in Hollywood, and is glad that things have changed for the better when it comes to actresses taking the charge in action films in the West. The actress says the movement is headed in the right direction.

"There has been a huge improvement since I started making action films. Now, there are so many films with female leads that are action driven," Jovovich said.

The actress credits filmmakers for driving the change, but feels there is still a long way to go.

"It is about filmmakers, (who are) interested in giving women great characters to play, where they take control of situations. There are loads of scripts that are written for men. I think those scripts need to be written in the same way for women, to make it appealing to an audience. I feel it is moving in the right direction. It's much better than it was," added the actress.