Lakshmi Manchu to cycle 100km to support differently-abled for sports

Source : IANS 2021-02-08 19:27:35

Lakshmi Manchu will cycle 100 kilometres on February 28 to raise funds for differently-abled people and their ambition to pursue different forms of sports. "After going to Maldives I understood how we have taken for granted about everything in our lives. It was so refreshing to be on an island with people around you with no masks. It dawned on me that how we have taken even breathing for granted and now we have to breath our own breath through these masks," Lakshmi said.

She continued: "My heart again went out to these people, who have a limb or something missing from their lives because of they weren't born like this, they had an accident or they were in the front lines saving our country and they willingly gave up a part of their body for the betterment of us or an accident took it away."