Adah Sharma: Feel more comfortable around animals than humans

Source : IANS 2021-03-01 15:41:19

Adah Sharma says she is more comfortable around animals than humans. Animals, she adds, are uncomplicated and easy to interract with.

"I've always felt more comfortable around animals than humans. I'm the most uncomfortable in social places like parties with people I don't know. But put me in a jungle with animals and I feel at home! Animals are uncomplicated, easy to interract with. They live in the moment, The actress recently rescued an injured bird while shooting and named it Twitter! The bird fell from a tree in a jungle close to Hyderabad where she was shooting for an upcoming project.

"I asked my audience on Instagram what they would like to call the bird. Twitter was one of the answers. Since I like tweeting and making bird sounds I thought Twitter would be a nice name!" she explained the name.

Adah is also worried about the issue of birds dying due to mobile network, air pollution and other man-made problems which are damaging our environment. The actress shared: "Birds becoming extinct is sad. They are a part of mother nature and she deals with humans for pollution and other issues in her own tough ways."