Sumeet Vyas on his advantage on starting out early as an OTT actor

Source : IANS 2021-03-10 13:43:19

Actor Sumeet Vyas was one of earliest to hop onboard the digital medium, with the 2014 show "Permanent Roommates". He says he didn't have any idea back then on how it would affect his future but, in retrospect, it seems like the best decision he took. Taking up the web back then was one of the best decisions of my life. Even then, when I had taken up the show, I didn't know how it's going to shape up or how people would react to it, or if it's going to make me famous. The idea was to work on something new and to work with new people. TVF was making interesting short videos and I just wanted to collaborate with newer people and it worked in my favour. I am doing that even today. The whole idea behind doing any show is to find newer things to do as an actor, to do roles which I haven't done before. That will be the thought,