Raveena Tandon: Need stronger movements against lobbies, corruption, land sharks

Source : IANS 2021-04-23 11:12:21

Raveena Tandon took to social media on Thursday to talk about the necessity for stronger political will and awareness among citizens to start movements against lobbies, corruption and land sharks. On the occasion of Earth Day, the actress also reminded fans about the need to conserve whatever is still left in the planet on a "war footing".

"Can't think of any wishywashy message to write #earthday whatever we need to conserve of whatever is left has to be done on a war footing, it'll take us centuries to reverse the damage that has already been done , but we need a stronger political will and aware citizens to start stronger movements against lobbies, corruption and land sharks. More initiatives for protecting our forests and wildlife. Join your local NGOs and orgs to help and pitch in. #earthday," Raveena shared in an Instagram post.