Kishwer Merchantt will stay away from news that makes her 'anxious'

Source : IANS 2021-04-26 11:44:26

Actress Kishwer Merchantt, who is pregnant with her first baby, took to social media to share that she will not be watching the news as it is making her anxious.

The actor shared a picture wearing a bodycon dress, flaunting her baby bump. She clarified that while she is not "running away" from what is happening in the country right now, she just wants to keep away from news and videos which make her "anxious".

"I am told I have to be happy, have happy thoughts and stay away from negativity .. doesn't mean I will run away from what's happening in our country .. but for my sanity and my baby will stay away from watching news and videos which make me anxious !!! So trollers it's Ur time , come say whatever and go .. u will only be blocked !!! And for the others I love u all , stay home.. stay safe..help in whatever way u can.. we are in this together," she wrote.