Shibani Bedi: Everyone has a social responsibility

Source : IANS 2021-05-01 22:10:26

Social media content creator and actress Shibani Bedi, who was recently seen in the film "Flight", says every public figure has a certain responsibility when it comes to young fans.

"I understand that people who are famous, everyone has a social responsibility because if you are popular, there are people looking up to you. So, you either help them recondition and rewire their outlook towards world or you fuel it and make it worse. So, you make it imperative for people to choose wisely as to what to put out in the world for their," Shibani told "I have realised through the course of being online, I am not a very problematic person. May be because of the exposure I have had growing up or the careers I have juggled before I came down to doing this (being a content creator on social media), I am not irresponsible as a human being," she declared.