Aahana Kumra shares birthday pics

Source : IANS 2021-05-02 20:52:26

Aahana Kumra on Sunday shared pictures of her birthday, which she observed with close family the day before.

Aahana posted eight pictures in all on Instagram. In the first photo, she is seen posing before a cake with her parents. In others images, the actress is seen with a bouquet and having a video chat with friends. Still other photos capture her on a morning jog.

"A birthday wish in times like these!! What matters most? My answer will always be family and friends! They're my wealth I've had over the years!" she wrote along with images.

"My birthday this year was over whelming! After staying in isolation for 19 days and getting out and meeting my family and celebrating my birthday with them after so many years mattered to me!!

"I went for a walk at 5 30 in the morning... watched the sunrise. That was my birthday gift to myself! That mattered to me! I acknowledged each and every one who took time and wished me on my birthday! That mattered to me! Thank you for keeping me in your mind and hearts most importantly! I am in gratitude and my heart is full! My birthday wish is for everyone to stay safe and this world to be covid free! And I know my prayers will be answered!!" she concluded.