Aamir Dalvi on fasting for Ramzan with daughter and son

Source : IANS 2021-05-02 21:21:26

Aamir Dalvi, who is currently fasting for Ramzan with his teenager children, says the practice has helped him be more responsible.

"I'm blessed that along with me, my daughter Rasha, who is 17, and son Abir, who is 13, are also practicing the fast in the month of Ramzan. Being a single parent, I'm concerned about their health. They have made me more responsible," he tells Known for featuring in shows like "SuperCops Vs Supervillains" and "Devanshi", the actor says that lockdown has bought challenges but as a family they are dealing it positively.

"Every year we use to go out and enjoy the meal at the time of opening our fast. Everything was available in the market. It was fun to drive and enjoy the festive vibes. Because of the pandemic, I prefer homemade food. Last year, it was quite difficult but this year we are experimenting with cooking. My daughter is really creative and keen to learn new dishes. So, as a family we try to remain positive," said the actor.