Why Arslan Goni is often called 'Lale di jaan' lately

Source : IANS 2021-05-05 11:21:26

Actor Arslan Goni is currently seen playing the negative character Lala in the series "Mai Hero Boll Raha Hun", and is amused at how people sometimes refer to him by the name of his on-screen avatar, and also as "Lale di jaan".

"I feel good that people refer to me sometimes as Lala. That's also because of the excitement of the show, and I hope they like my character Lala," Arslan said.

"Also, whenever people meet me I have been getting a lot of 'Lale di jaan'!" he added.

He hopes to give many more performances that stick to his identity in the future. "I will give better performances that will stick with me and I'll have more people addressing me relating to my characters," he said.