Shahid Kapoor shares his 'picture of happiness'

Source : IANS 2021-05-10 21:21:22

Shahid Kapoor took to Instagram on Monday to share his vision of happiness with fans

The actor posted a picture of a large poor family sleeping together on one bed, with an umbrella over them. He wrote about how Turkish poet Nazim Hikmat had once asked his friend to draw a picture of happiness, and this is what he made.

"PICTURE OF HAPPINESS: NAZIM HIKMAT The great Turkish poet -- once asked his friend Abidin Dino(Turkish artist and well-known painter), to draw a picture of HAPPINESS. He drew a picture of a whole family -- cramped up on a broken bed, under a leaky roof in a shabby room, but still with a smile on each member's face! Happiness is not absence of sufferings but acceptance of sufferings…" he posted.

His brother, actor Ishaan Khatter, commented: "As long as you're together", with a heart emoji.