Adarsh Gourav: I want to play a track athlete

Source From: IANS 2021-07-23 20:16:12

Adarsh Gourav says his dream role is to play a track athlete someday as he was one back in school but never a great one. Adarsh garnered global recognition with his performance in the film "The White Tiger" including a nomination at the 74th British Academy of Films and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards earlier this year.

How has life changed after the film?

"Life has been pretty much the same. In terms of the number of opportunities I have been getting, yes it has definitely increased a lot more than what I was getting before 'The White Tiger'. I am getting to audition a lot more, and speaking to writers and filmmakers that I always had immense respect for," the actor revealed.

Talking about the kind of roles he would like to take up next, Adarsh said: "Nothing in particular. I would like to experiment a lot, find unique stories and individuals, and tell stories that engage me."