'Balcony Buddies' celebrates bond of friendship during lockdown

Source From: IANS 2021-07-28 11:35:12

The upcoming short interactive film "Balcony Buddies" is about an accidental friendship between two strangers, Aisha Ahmed aka Sunanda and Amol Parashar aka Prateek, during the lockdown.

Both the actors shared their perspective about friendship and how it can be developed while being at home or without socialising.

Aisha is shown portraying the character of Sunanda, who is bored of lockdown and keeps practicing yoga until one day she notices a stranger imitating her asanas.

The actress said she relates with her character really well as she is also fond of making friends and this bond became more relevant during the lockdown.

Sharing the same, Aisha Ahmed said: "I do resonate with Sunanda. I love making friends, so during the lockdown I would randomly wave at people from my building's terrace just for some interactions. Amol and I have known each other for a while now so it made filming this piece easy and fun.

"It's a beautiful take on how you can find friends in the most surprising way and I hope the audience sees it as a breath of fresh air. It celebrates Friendship Day in its truest sense and the interactivity element makes it all the more fun for the viewer."