Crypto Flipsider News – Bitcoin Tops $22k; ETH Above $1,700

Source From: ENT 2022-09-12 08:49:46

Bitcoin (BTC) Gains $47 Billion Market Cap as it Rallies Above $22k, Dominance Drops


Bitcoin (BTC) the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, has been rallying since dropping as low as $18,644 on September 7. BTC has now gained more than 20% since its new 60-day low to spike above $22k.


The 7 days price chart for Bitcoin (BTC). Source: CoinMarketCap


Over the last 24 hours, Bitcoin has now gained 3.35% to reach an inter-day trading high of $22,355. Bitcoin’s recent rally has seen its market cap rise by more than $47 billion since September 7.


The 24 hours price chart for Bitcoin (BTC). Source: CoinMarketCap


The Bitcoin rally, which is the most since July, is fueled by the weakening of the U.S. Dollar. The sudden rise has also seen over 40,000 investors lose $177 million (85 million in the last 24 hours) for betting against BTC’s price rise.