Indian Super League announces dates for Playoffs and Final for 2022-23 season

Source From: ENT 2023-02-03 07:47:32

The Indian Super League (ISL) on Friday announced the dates of the 2022-23 season's playoffs and final scheduled to be played in March.

The playoffs will start on March 3 with the final being played on March 18, 2023. The playoffs will be played in a knockout and semifinal format. The top two teams at the end of the league stage will automatically qualify for the semifinals.

Teams finishing between the third to sixth will feature in a single-leg playoff to determine the other two semifinalists. For the first time in the history of ISL, six teams will have the opportunity to go ahead to the league stage and stake their claim on the ISL trophy.

Mumbai City FC and Hyderabad FC have already qualified for the next round with fierce battles underway for the remaining 4 spots.

Format of playoffs

Knockout 1: March 3- No 4 (Home team) vs No 5 (Away Team)
Knockout 2: March 4- NO 3 (Home team) vs NO 6 (Away)
Semi-final 1 - 1st leg: March 7 - No 1 (Home team) vs Winner of Knockout 1
Semi-final 2 - 1st leg: March 9- No 2 (Home team) vs Winner of Knockout 2
Semi-final 1 - 2nd leg: March 12- Winner of Knockout 1 (Home team) vs No 1
Semi-final 2 - 2nd leg: March 13- Winner of Knockout 2 (Home team) vs No 2