Aisha Ahmed recounts how Dilli-6 residents expected Akshay to show up for shoot

Source From: ENT 2023-02-03 07:52:39

Actress Aisha Ahmed, who is gearing up for her new streaming series 'Minus One: New Chapter', recently recollected her experience on shooting for the series bang in the middle of Delhi in Chandni Chowk.

The actress, admitted to being completely bowled over by the lip-smacking street food during the shoot but, one thing she vividly remembered was how people around the location thought that Akshay Kumar is coming for the shoot given Khiladi Kumar has already shot a film with Chandni Chowk in its title.

For a short schedule Minus One team shot in the national capital, sharing his experience in Delhi, Aisha Ahmed said, "Shooting in Delhi was lovely, there was obviously great food coming in for every meal because I've been in Bombay for so long that I've forgotten what good food tastes like. This was also the first time I shot in a live location. I've shot in Amritsar before but that was a guerrilla shoot, but here it was a proper shoot set up and we were bang in the middle of old Delhi".