Neha Sharma says she grew up in a world that broadened her moral compass

Source From: ENT 2024-05-24 11:10:19

Neha Sharma, who will soon be seen in the third season of 'Illegal' opposite Akshay Oberoi, says she knows a lot of people who work in the gray area, but her parents raised them in a way where they were strictly black or white.

Talking about the plot development in season 3, Neha said: “In this season, Niharika will be seen in a new form. Of course, you still see glimpses of the old Nebula, but now that she has built her own company with Panneet, she has changed.

“We see some similarity between her and JJ (Janardhan Jaitley) as her goals have changed. She takes on some very interesting cases this season, all inspired by real-life events.

The actress further added: “I grew up in an environment that sharpened my moral compass. I know a lot of people who work in the gray area, but my parents raised me to be strictly black or white.

“I can't relate to Niharika this season because she has stepped into the gray zone too much. However, I understand the intention of our writers and directors for the development of Nebula's character and feel it is necessary.

The courtroom drama series recently dropped its trailer.

Neha plays Niharika, an ambitious lawyer who recently started her own firm and aims to become the best lawyer in Delhi.

'Illegal 3' will release on Geocinema Premium from May 29.