Ayushi Bhave described her role as an 'onion skin' in the supernatural thriller '10:29 Ki Akhri Dastak'.

Source From: ENT 2024-05-24 11:12:17

Ayushi Bhave, who will play Bindu in the upcoming supernatural thriller '10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak', shares that playing the role is like peeling an onion as the audience gets to see the many layers of this mysterious yet intriguing character. episode.Talking about her role, Ayushi expressed her excitement and shared her insights about the role.

The actress said: "The show is very interesting and my character is very different from what I have portrayed before. My character as Bindu is an interesting woman who is very lively and witty, and I feel the same way. By peeling the onion, with every episode the audience gets to know this mysterious yet One sees many layers of an interesting character."

"It's very interesting because Bindu's character is central to the narrative of the show, shrouded in mystery and complexity," she added.

The show promises to deliver spine-chilling suspense and intriguing plot twists.

It will soon air on Star Bharat.