If you see these looks of Srimukhi in a short dress in the caravan,

Source From: ENT 2024-05-22 11:58:31

Anchor Srimukhi has been using social media to the fullest lately. The following is increasing by releasing a series of photo shoots. She is making a fuss with her glamor by getting a new transformation. Srimukhi is creating a buzz by sharing glamorous photos and posting different types of looks on her social media. People are saying that Srimukhi is giving tough competition to Anasuya in promoting themselves.

Srimukhi gained huge popularity as a star anchor on small screen. On the other hand, the tribe is also making a fuss on social media. Srimukhi, who is making a fuss by sharing back-to-back photo shoots.

Srimukhi recently left the caravan looks. Sreemukhi's phojus in short dresses are attracting the youth. If she gets a good offer, Srimukhi is trying to show her potential in movies too.

Srimukhi has won the praise of many by anchoring her own style. On one hand, this beautiful young anchor is making progress with her anchoring.. on the other hand, she is acting in movies.

Anchor Sreemukhi has been entertaining Telugu people for the last few years by anchoring with lively words and charms. Sreemukhi, who stole the hearts of boys with her charisma, became famous as a bully on the screen.

Srimukhi, who is entertaining the TV audience with a series of shows, has stepped up her efforts to move forward in terms of career. Looking to excel on the silver screen if she gets the right offers. In this order, she is sharing hot photos and attracting everyone's attention.

The fame that came with her talent also brought Sreemukhi an offer from Bigg Boss. Srimukhi, who participated in Bigg Boss Telugu 3 and became the runner-up, is currently creating a stir on the silver and silver screens. It is moving forward by balancing the silver screen offers with the television shows.

At present, it is reported that Srimukhi is getting a remuneration of up to 2 lakhs per show. This cutie is doing a lot of special events.