Actress Twinkle Arora of 'Udhariyaan' fame opens up about how she approached her role

Source From: ENT 2024-06-04 10:02:24

Actress Twinkle Arora of 'Udariyaan' fame opens up about how she approaches a role, sharing that she makes sure to go through the script before she steps in front of the camera.

Twinkle says: "There may be days when you have very few lines and days when you have lots and lots of lines. And I love those days when I have lots of lines. I've always been a child. It's very, very important to understand what the situation is and the scenes I have to deliver. I have already read the entire screenplay."

"It helps me handle the dialogues better. So, in 'Udharyan' too, this is my routine. Even now when I reach the set, I ask Ed to have the script ready. Not only do I read my scenes but I read the entire episode or the entire screenplay in the morning. Like, and then before going to each scene, I read the script scene-by-scene to master that scene," said Twinkle.

She further said how each scene and each action required different treatment while shooting.

"But I like long shots, all in one take. I like one shot acting because it's fun to perform when you're in flow. But sometimes you have to do short scripts, which are fun too. Once you're in the rhythm," added Twinkle. .

Twinkle is playing the role of Nehmat Kaur in the show 'Udhariyaan'. The show recently crossed 15 years and marked the entry of Avinish Rekhi and Shreya Jain.