Shraddha Das Maja in the hotel room.. Have you seen the bold beauty ruckus..?

Source From: ENT 2024-05-30 20:03:08

Andala Bhama Shraddha Das says that glamor is not enough to give a treat. Yama is busy posting their beauty moments on social media. This bold Bhama, who is making a fuss about her beauty, recently shared some pics from a Bangalore hotel.

Shraddha Das is currently enjoying herself in Bangalore. She is making a fuss in front of the camera wearing a topless jeans dress at Star Hotel. However, it is worth noting that this cute doll has a medicine glass in her hand and is putting peg on peg in these photos.

With no films in hand, Shraddha Das raised the curtain on the search for beauty on social media by increasing the dose of glamour. She wears variety dresses and gives hot stills so that every atom in her body can be seen. Sometimes she shares her updates with netizens.