Radhika Madan wants the 'spark & ​​innocence' of her 'Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Video' character to remain intact

Source From: ENT 2024-05-24 11:08:06

Actress Radhika Madan, who played the title role in the mystery film 'Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Video', has opened up about how the film made her introspective and how she wants to keep her 'spark and innocence'. His character is not intact in himself.

Radhika shared a takeaway from her character Sajini. She said: "I feel bad for Sajini. But it's not about losing your spark or your innocence for society. It's important to be right in your own eyes and trust your gut."

"One should not live on external validation. So, I try to keep Sajini's spark and innocence intact in me"

About a memory from the film's shoot, Radhika, who was last seen in 'Kachchey Limbu', shared: "Every scene made us very introspective. Not just me, but the director, the people on set, the co-actors. I think every scene is full of introspection."

"You don't think about yourself and normally you don't think about your character, but this film makes you question how you see yourself. And can I judge myself or not," Radhika added.

Directed by Mikhil Musale, the film narrates the story of Sajini Shinde (Radhika) who is completely devastated by a viral video. The film is a mysterious story that unravels the life of a school teacher and Sajini who finds herself helpless in the midst of an unfortunate situation.

It also stars Nimrat Kaur, Bhagyashree, Subodh Bhave, Soham Majumdar and Sumeet Vyas. The film will premiere on May 25.