Hyper Adi's shocking comments on Kajal's marriage..

Source From: ENT 2024-05-22 11:54:12

The sensation created by the show on the television is known to all. It goes without saying that Dhee has a special place in dancing shows. Currently the 17th season is running in Dhi. This season has also come to an end. Now race two finale episode is going to happen. It is known that Kajal Aggarwal is going to make noise in this episode which will be aired tomorrow (May 22) on Wednesday.

The promo of this episode has already gone viral on social media. Hyper Aadi, Kajal Aggarwal's comedy, the song sung by the duo, Kajal's steps called Banthipula Janaki with Shekhar Master became the highlight of the promo. As Kajal is coming, Adi prepared a theme for it and appeared in a hyper Adi's Magadheera getup. Adi's Pulihora with Kajal was the highlight of the promo. Is your wedding on October 30? Adi told his love for Kajal in his own style saying that is my death day.